(online) „Social Tipping Points for Climate Action„

Einige Menschen sind im Gespräch miteinander um Ideen für mehr Nachhaltigkeit auszutauschen. Zudem ist auf dem Bild nochmals der Titel der Veranstaltung vermerkt und die Vortragenden.

Workshop mit Prof. Dr. Ilona Otto (Uni Graz)
Organisiert von Initiative Nachhaltigkeitsbüro Uni Freiburg

Ausführliche Beschreibung

Tipping points in the climate system can be terrifying. Tipping points in our socioeconomic system, however, might be key for climate action.
This workshop will introduce you to recent insights from the research on social tipping points for climate action, and will let you connect these findings to your local context.
As a pioneer in her field, Professor Ilona Otto will talk about her research on elements in our social system that show non-linear tipping dynamics with regards to climate action, and the key change agents her team identified to accelerate this transition.
Equipped with this knowledge, we will discuss ways in which we can accelerate action towards these tipping points in our local context – be it at the university, our city, the state, or country – along seven elements:
1. Divestment, 2. GHG information disclosure, 3. Decentralised energy generation, 4. Carbon neutral cities, 5. Removal of fossil fuel subsidies, 6. Climate education, 7. Recognition of the moral implications of fossil fuels.
Be thrilled to meet one of the leading scientists of our time and get to know the change agents around you!
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Link zur Anmeldung: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/157390369833